Totally automated process from coil to finished product

Iowa Precision Industries presents the new DUCTMAKER ™ Coil Line. This system uses coiled sheet metal and produces duct sections with the new patented Iowa Lock™ seam and applied for Europe.

The system feeds material off the coil, removes coil set, beads, notches, produces the male and female Iowa lock seam, roll forms TDC or TDF connection, bends full wrap, assembles and closes the Iowa Lock™ seam.

The great advantage of making duct from coil with the folded formed seam is the uniformity; run-out usually encountered in roll forming will not be encountered by folding.

The specificity of the machine is that at completion of the bending, a belt conveying table discharges the duct in an efficient and safe manner without the aid of an operator. The new Ductmaker ™ is a machine that automatically makes "L" section or wrap duct, complete with Iowa Lock™ seam formed before cut off. This type belting provides a positive high friction drive to the horizontal Whisper-Loc for final seam closing.

The horizontal Whisper-Loc is designed for final closing of the longitudinal seams on rectangular duct. The piece of duct coming off the Ductmaker™ conveyor is manually guided into final location by the operator, before final closure by the Whisper-Loc.

The PC-based control system supplied with this model allows for direct operator input for cut length, number of pieces, notching, shearing, brake control and other machine functions.

The control system supplied with this manufacturing cell utilizes a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) platform for machine control and a Personal Computer (PC) platform for the Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI utilizes a touch screen that provides for manual data input and/or down loading, from host computer, of job definitions with storage capability of 500 jobs. The HMI also provides for machine monitoring, data gathering, inventory, and diagnostic functions.

Iowa Precision Industries Ductmaker Coil Line will provide you savings in labor, storage and material, as well as just in time production. For more information, come to our website and see our video!


Christine Lombardo

Sales & Marketing

Wednesday, 2009-09-30 15:19