Cornermatic Dual Head

Automated Ductwork Corner Insertion and Fastening System

CORNERMATIC automatically inserts and crimps specially designed TDC/F style corners in seconds. It lets you do a duct section, eight corners, in 15 to 30 seconds with virtually no labor. Compared to traditional methods of hand insertion and crimping, it’s a saving of 3 to 6 minutes per section of ductwork depending on size and gauge. Plus, CORNERMATIC corners are inserted square and fully crimped every time. And, therCornermatic DHAe is no need to change the machine’s crimping adjustment when inserting corners in 18 to 26 gauge ducts.

CORNERMATIC is easy to load. Each of the machine’s quick loading magazines holds up to 175 corners. Corners are shipped presorted and oriented for direct loading into the magazine. No need for hand sorting.

CORNERMATIC is easy to operate. To insert and crimp a corner, just push the ductwork or fitting into CORNERMATIC’s flange guides and the machine automatically does the rest.

CORNERMATIC is protected under US patent No 5,283,944


Model CM/C-SH for TDC syle flange only *
Model CM/F-SH for other style flange only *
Gauge 0.6 to 1.3 mm (18 to 26)
Air 80 – 100 PSI (5.5 – 7 Bar)
Electrical 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase
Dimensions 616 x 616 x 2’950 mm
Weight 374 kg

* Proper functioning requires using CORNERMATIC corners.